Collector of Tales

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The Collector of Tales is a story a man's attempt to regain some control over his life in spite of the infinite variations of possibility that are presented to him each day. As each of us gets older, things change - sometimes good and sometimes bad but nonetheless change they do.

The Collector of Tales

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Readers Comments

Very well written, different, thorough exposition - highly recommended.

This is fantastic writing. Surely a modern classic? Am I the first to observe that it's a little Waiting for Godot-esqe?

A unique style which doesn't alienate the reader from the world it is set.

Unlike pretty much any other fantasy I have ever read. It reminds me a bit of Terry Pratchett, the way we are brought into the characters mind and world without too much faffing like old fantasies.

Amazing. This is so different from most everything I've read. The beginning narrative is interesting, the dialogue funny (I hope you intended it so) and your protagonist is both.

I love this. Good setup in the opening, well paced and believable.

Heavily atmospheric writing, you write with a very flowing and descriptive style

This author has crafted a slice of magic. The characters peopling this book are both revolting and charming, the scenes depicted realistically and the humour, at times subtle and at others slapstick, are laugh out loud.