The Saga of Red Erik

Red Erik or the Saga of King Erik Blod Hammer (Erik Rex)is an edda in the traditional manner. One of the Greater Tales, it covers just about every form of Dwarfish warfare, pitched, skirmish and guerilla as well as dealing with the trickier matters of assassination and ritual evisceration. It contains one of the most complete descriptions of blod feud that is extant in dwarfish record. Every scholar of dwarfish bellicosity should read this book: it is a virtual thesaurus of bloody doings.

Helga Helgarsdottir

Helga Helgarsdottir is an unusual edda in that it surrounds the exploits of a she-dwarf. Even in the name of course, we cannot escape the natural dwarfish leaning towards the exploits of the male but in fairness, a number of civilisations like to attach the name of the father to that of the progeny and very few actually do so with their daughters. However, it is clear from the style that the writer was very much in awe of his (or her) subject and this has given rise to a school of thought that suggests that this Edda's author was in fact, her father, Helgar Helgarsson.

Bendt Gnarli Saga

The saga of Bendt Gnarli is one of the more complex of the dwarfish eddas for no other reason than that it spreads across a number of dwarfish generations. In all other aspects it has the obligatory fighting, war, murder and justifiable revenge. It does however provide the only example in literature of the extended Blud Feud, with the possible exception of The Book of Dwarf (if Snurri the Short Sighted is to be believed)