Welcome to Florencetown...

Aphrodite's Oyster, a place of dubious repute, inhabited by those with a dodgy pedigree

Welcome to Florencetown, a sleepy little backwater stuffed away in a remote corner of a world known to its inhabitants as home and to others as Semolde (pronounced Same Old).

Technically Florencetown was located in one of the Xandrian City states, a collection of doubtful hegemonies that were in constant dispute with each other over matters such as boundaries and trade and the right way to tell the time of day, to boil an egg or any other of the near infinite opportunities that creatures have to find disagreement amongst themselves.

Exactly which of the City States nestling on the shores of the huge inland sea that was known as the Bonebroth for reasons understood only by those who lived there, was home to Florencetown, has in fact been lost over the passage of time.

Although it was a place where even the flies that buzzed languorously in the midday shade seemed to find the chores of daily survival to be an excessive demand from their deity, the overall demeanour of the place belied an undercurrent of frenetic activity.

It wasn't so much trade that was the main source of excitement because the traders of Florencetown tended to be fairly laissez faire or perhaps laconic or maybe free trader. It was the governance and politics of the place that caused the most stir.

Aphrodite's Oyster, a place of dubious repute, inhabited by those with a dodgy pedigree

The Politics of Florencetown

The governance of Florencetown fell under the control of a document issued to the town by the City State and referred to as the Social Contract.

Implementation of the Social Contract was in part down to the Mayor in matters of taxation and planning and public order, including the City Watch. Matters of a financial nature, and there were many in this small town, fell under the remit of the Magister of the Hue and Cry.

Sitting alongside these two authorities there was the judiciary under the control of the Chief Prosecutor who, with his city police or marechati, made sure that the laws set down by both the Mayor and the Magister were obeyed by all parties to the Social Contract.

Although he is not of this quirky little town, this is where we meet the renowned maverick and bounty hunter known as Seagrum.

Seagrum was a dwarf who according to his legend, a document managed and crafted from his own workshop, bestrode this quaint little world like a colossus.

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