The Dreamweavers

David Payne

The Dreamweavers

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The Dreamweavers is available in paperback through Amazon as well as through Amazon and Kindle as an e-book.. It is also available through Smashwords

This a story about a boy and his brother and the complexities of growing up when language and learning don't come naturally. Tom has strange dreams that creep up on him when he doesn't expect them. And these dreams don't just happen when he goes to sleep: they can happen any time. Sometimes he uses them to help him deal with problems but other times he has no control at all.


When Tom finds himself in a different world inhabited by creatures of legend he is forced to take stock. In this world the dead row longships; demons can be seen walking in the daylight; there are sorcerers, part human part reptile; and here there be dragons.

Tom's dreams are not just experienced by him. His brother Sam has them too and so do his parents. They are also watched by the Titan, Prometheus, as he searches for a way to escape the punishment that the Gods have unleashed on him.

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