The Vampire's Mortgage

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Dwarf Tales - Seagrum is available in paperback through Amazon as well as through Kindle as an e-book.. It is also available through Smashwords and other online retailers.

Seagrum is a dwarf who gets things done. When the Magister of the Hue and Cry recruits him to solve a little problem that he has with vampires , it seems pretty obvious that he is going to get it sorted. The only question that there should be is how long he will take to do it and how long would it take Florencetown to get back to normal.


Seagrum is a dwarf of significant stature and prowess who has been recruited by the Magister of the Hue and Cry to deal with a problem that he has with vampires. The problem has nothing to do with the usual issues that vampires cause but rather it is the result of a financial transaction that they have set up with the human population of Florencetown. The vampires are the bankers of this fantasy world and in their pursuit of dynastic growth, they have latched onto the avaricious nature of the humans and have introduced a way for them to acquire things beyond their abilities in return for a promise of service.

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Here we meet Seagrum for the first time in one of his shady deals with an unknown trader. Seagrum's deals are never a good outcome for the other party but as the title says, all things have a beginning.

The text reads much like any fantasy tale and that is intended. The similarity ends with Chapter II, so why don't you listen on.

The Density Of Dwarfs

Chapter II

In this chapter we learn a little bit about Florencetown and its inhabitants. We also get to meet the former witch who lost her magic to Seagrum's talisman in the first chapter. She is a woman with a mission but it comes at a price.

There is a shift in the tale in the second part of the chapter. It gets a little more sleazy - perhaps a little graphic.

An Interview With A Vampire

Chapter III

Persephone the former witch meets the vampire who goes by the name of Welcome and discovers that there is a way to get her magic back out of the dwarfs amulet. Of course, nothing is for free and all the vampire wants is her Death Pledge.

Some people are born victims even when they have everything stacked in their favor. That probably explains why Persephone ended up naked and a dark basement in a vampire house

It's All Going To Plan

Chapter IV

Seagrum awakes from his night of debauchery with the witch, Persephone and discovers that he has been immolated. This doesn't seem to put him out too much and after a robust breakfast he makes his way to the offices of the Hue and Cry. Here he meets with his employer, the Magister, a human that he dislikes with some considerable strength.

Here we meet the werewolves and the hagiographer, Jonas the Strangler.

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